Speaker Daniyal Liaqat


Daniyal Liaqat

CEO and Co-Founder


Daniyal Liaqat is the CEO and Co-Founder of Tabiat. Having done his PhD and PostDoctoral Fellowship from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto where he was also a graduate student and PostDoc at the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Daniyal has been a leader in the digital health and wearable sensing space for almost a decade. During his PhD he worked on remote patient monitoring for patients with COPD and developed novel approaches for machine learning in real-world environments. He did an internship at the digital health lab at Samsung Research America, where over a 3-month period he published two papers, filed for a patent and provided ideas that Samsung has since incorporated into their consumer smartwatches. During his PostDoc, Daniyal led the COVIDFree@Home program which provided a cutting-edge platform to improve care and optimize clinician workflows during the pandemic at four major hospitals in Toronto. Daniyal is now CEO and Co-Founder of Tabiat, a startup scaling its AI based remote patient monitoring platform to improve patient outcomes, allow doctors to care for more patients and reduce healthcare costs.



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