Speaker Youssef Helwa


Youssef Helwa

Co-founder & CEO


Youssef Helwa founded FluidAI back in 2014 as an extension of his research in the field of biosensors. Coming from a medical family, including a surgeon mother and a father who switched from medicine to industry (J&J) early in his career, he continuously had direct exposure to the medical needs of surgeons at an intimate level. With a background working in the biosensors field and multiple publications under the supervision of one of UW’s top nanotechnology researchers, Dr. Liu, Youssef had the privilege of translating the research into the early work that we are doing at FluidAI. Prior to that, I’ve had exposure to the startup world, working with two startups in the medical and VR-data field and internships at some of the biggest institutions like NIST (US).

Following that, to pursue the company further, Youssef conducted his Masters under the supervision of the nanofabrication group at UW (Dr. Cui). He specialized in the field of implantable BioMEMS(biochips), which gave FluidAI access to state-of-the-art facilities enabling him to develop the technical framework for the company. Over the past 8 years, with the support of his incredible team and advisors, Youssef helped lead the company from its early research days to developing its first prototype, conducting the different stages of testing from bench-top to animal to clinical studies at the world’s best institutions, to building an assembly line and establishing an ISO-controlled facility with full control over FluidAI's needs and keeping costs low, to currently bringing in the company’s first commercial contract from one of the biggest distributors in the MENA region.


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