Speaker Paul Desmarais III

Sagard Holdings

Chairman and CEO
Paul Desmarais III

Paul Desmarais III is the Chairman and CEO of Sagard Holdings, the Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Portag3 Ventures, and the Chairman and co-founder of Diagram. Within the investment portfolios of Portag3 Ventures and Sagard Holdings, he is the Chairman of Wealthsimple, Dialogue, and Peak Achievement Athletics and a director of KOHO Financial.

Paul is also a Senior Vice President of Power Corporation of Canada. As a part of his responsibilities at the holdings, he sits on the boards of Personal Capital, Pargesa, Groupe Bruxelles Lambert, and Imerys.

Prior to his current role, Paul worked at Goldman Sachs in the Investment Banking Division, Investment Strategy Group, and Special Situations Group; Imerys in supply chain management and strategy; and Great West Lifeco in risk management. Paul is a recipient of a B.A. in economics from Harvard College and holds a MBA from INSEAD in France.

Speaking at: CIX Top 10 Growth Showcase #2


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