Speaker Sue Britton

Fintech Growth Syndicate

CEO & Founder
Sue Britton

Sue Britton is CEO & Founder of FGS (FinTech Growth Syndicate) – Canada’s leading FinTech and corporate innovation accelerator. FGS accelerates innovation and the creation of new products and partnerships inside incumbent organizations; accelerate growth strategy and results of start-ups and the incumbent FinTech’s being disrupted by them.


Sue is a product innovation and growth strategy expert, with a passion always listening to the customer as they are “always right”,  and responding to their needs with profitable products and business models.


Until starting FGS 3 years ago, Sue spent her 25 year career in corporate innovation roles in tech companies such as Finastra, Symcor, Broadridge Financial and Xerox. She launched FGS to address a market need: to provide the expertise and experience, tools and processes, and market knowledge to help the FinTech space move faster.


FGS creates opportunities to collaborate in the Canadian FinTech ecosystem, and invests heavily to connect all the many stakeholders.

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