Speaker Jason Smith

Real Matters

President and CEO
Jason Smith

Real Matters is a leading network management services provider for the mortgage lending and insurance industries. Real Matters’ platform combines its proprietary technology and network management capabilities with tens of thousands of independent qualified field agents to create an efficient marketplace for the provision of mortgage lending and insurance industry services. The platform facilitates competition between field agents, such as residential real estate appraisers, to deliver performance-driven services, which brings superior quality, transparency and efficiency to its clients.

Real Matters has a strong client base, which has experienced significant growth. In the U.S., Real Matters’ clients include approximately 60 of the top 100 mortgage lenders. Real Matters is based in Markham, Ontario and has offices in offices in Buffalo, New York; Cincinnati, Ohio; Denver, Colorado and Middletown, Rhode Island.

Speaking at: Keynote: CIX 2017 Innovator of the Year - Real Matters


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