Speaker Steve Hulford

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Backyard Media Inc.

CEO & Publisher
Steve Hulford

This is Steve's 5th venture into Entrepreneurship. A Serial Entrepreneur in the digital media space

with two exits. Steve has been a pioneer in digital entertainment. His career has revolved around

publishing (TSN, CTV), and software startups (Fantasy Sports & Social Media). Steve has a creative

mind and is disruptor that see opportunities before the marketplace does.

He was the driving force and initial founder behind user-generated content software platform

Filemobile (started in 2006), which sold to Newzulu in 2015. Filemobile had 20 employees in

Toronto and 2.2M in subscription revenue when it sold in 2015. Filemobile's clients included: Fox

News, iTV, Hearst TV, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, CBC, CTV, Network 10 (Australia), RTS

(Switzerland), Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Seattle Times and many more. Steve has created a TV

documentary; Was Co-Founder of a Fantasy Sports Business with Molson Coors as majority owner

in 2003; and co-purchased, and then sold (after tripling revenue), another Fantasy Sports Business

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