Speaker Quin Sandler

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Plantiga Technologies Inc.

Quin Sandler

Quin Sandler is the CEO and Co-Founder of Plantiga. Plantiga monitors, measures and analyses athletic movement through the most indicative point of performance – the feet. The company helps organizations of all sizes make better health, performance and operational decisions based on their team's movement patterns. To do this, Plantiga have engineered cloud-connected footwear sensor insoles that collect foot/ground interaction data and an analytics dashboard that allows customers to view and analyze that data.


Quin is a designer and product focused entrepreneur. Prior to starting Plantiga, Quin founded 3 companies over the last 13 years: Keystone Learning, a mobile tutoring company, the Principle Design Group, a branding and identity agency an FestThis, a live events video production company.

Speaking at: Rocket Pitches


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