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Life-saving Innovations: AI in Healthcare

CIX - Tuesday, October 23, 2018
4:15 PM - 5:00 PM
Grand Ballroom CD

Artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming the world we live in and the industries we work in – and healthcare is no exception. Some of Canada’s most pioneering startups are leveraging AI, algorithms and machine learning to improve medical research, disease diagnosis and patient care. But it can be challenging to push the envelope in an industry that’s heavily regulated and sometimes slow to change. Here are medtech founders from across Canada who are on the cutting edge of AI technology.


Ying Tam
Managing Director, Health Ventures
MaRS Discovery District


Alexandra Greenhill
Founder, CEO and Chief Medical Officer
Careteam Technologies

Lexi Kaplin
Chief Product Officer
Conversation Health

Naheed Kurji
President and CEO

Carlo Perez
Founder and CEO
Swift Medical


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