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Spotlight: Canadian Success Stories

CIX - Monday, October 22, 2018
3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Grand Ballroom AB

CIX showcases and celebrates some of the biggest Canadian startup stories of 2018 — innovative companies that are making waves internationally and achieving major milestones:

Cole Diamond, CEO, Coinsquare

Chris Eben, Managing Partner at TWG, will talk with Cole Diamond, CEO of Coinsquare, one of Canada’s biggest cryptocurrency trading platforms, uncovering how the company defines itself in one of the fastest moving ecosystems of our time. In addition, they will discuss how Coinsquare has navigated its own explosive growth, scaling from two co-founders talking in a coffee shop to a staff of over 145 in less than two years.

In conversation with: Chris Eben, Managing Partner, TWG


Lauren Lake, Co-founder, and Mallorie Brodie, Co-founder and CEO, Bridgit

When Lauren Lake and Mallorie Brodie met in Toronto’s Next36 Incubator, it was the genesis of Bridgit, a digital management tool that tracks progress and deficiencies in construction projects. After significant revenue traction in Canada, the duo quickly set their sights on the massive U.S. market. Now their app is now being used all over North America. Co-founders Lauren and Mallorie give us the scoop on their journey to success and cracking the export market.

In conversation with: Michelle McBane, Senior Investment Director, MaRS IAF

Kerry Liu, Co-founder and CEO, Rubikloud

Kerry Liu of Rubikloud has big plans. After raising $37-million in Series B financing led by Intel Capital, he has ambitions to expand the company’s offices in Europe and Asia and meet demand for retail AI solutions for the growing global marketplace. Kerry shares the story of Rubikloud, how they landed their partnership with Intel and how he plans to build a billion-dollar company.

In conversation with: Elana Lian, Investment Director, Intel Capital


Chris Eben

Elana Lian
Investment Director
Intel Capital

Michelle McBane
Managing Director
MaRS IAF (Investment Accelerator Fund)


Mallorie Brodie

Cole Diamond

Lauren Lake

Kerry Liu
Co-Founder and CEO


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